"Our partnership with Solertis has been very beneficial in helping us understand our freight costs and where to focus to improve. Solertis also provided valuable consulting insight that led to cost improvements in our packaging and fulfillment operations."

Wayne Varnadore
COO, Tervis Tumbler

"Solertis with its experienced staff and wide range of industry resources was able to quickly identify opportunities within our value stream and offer solutions. The staff was both professional and approachable giving them the ability to seamlessly integrate into our operation. These factors accelerated their ability to evaluate the business in a very short period of time."

John Tortorici
VP Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain
Poseidon Enterprises, LLC

"Other consulting firms produce paper. Solertis produces very visible change and results. I hired Ann Elliott, CEO of Solertis, to serve as my Interim VP of Operations. I needed to be able to turn over responsibility to someone who could make good decisions and work effectively with all my employees, all within a very short timeframe. Ann was dead on in terms of meeting all my expectations. She quickly demonstrated and established leadership within our organization, raised our standards, and demonstrated a superior work ethic. She is able to adapt to different organizational environments and is extremely qualified to assess where your organization is, what you need and whether her firm is the right match for your needs. Our packaging rates increased 30% as a result of the improvements she made to our processes and people."

George McLamb - Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, CFO/COO

"We've had great success in terms of savings and efficiency in our transportation/routing processes as a result of our relationship with Solertis. The real confirmation of our sincere satisfaction with Albert's performance is the fact that we continue this relationship."

Phil Staffield - Sun Hydraulics

"Our experience in working with Solertis has been exceptional. Solertis is comprised of a group of highly experienced, industry veterans that hit the ground running. We view Solertis as an extension of our team that can provide specific subject matter expertise and experienced resources."

Richard H. Thompson - Schreiber Foods, Inc.,
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management

"Solertis had the experience; they had intelligence and vision to look ahead.
They put on freezer jackets and went into zero degree freezer storage and 40 degree coolers and worked with everybody, from the guy driving the pallet lift, to the reach truck, to the forklift truck, to the guy picking orders, to the guy putting away inventory, to supervisors, director of operations, to the executive running the distribution company. Their intellectual and practical knowledge covered the waterfront."

Dick Buell - Foodbrands, Former President & COO

"Solertis’s one-on-one, pragmatic approach to business is what makes them
different from other consulting firms. They don’t take a cookie cutter approach to solving problems. They were able to look at our business and immediately figure out what needed to be done. They also realize that our customer comes first and that we need to keep the business running while we tackle our warehouse operations problems. We think of Solertis as our Director of Operations. Solertis helped us secure a contract that increased our business by 30%."

Clark Morrell - Rittenhouse, President

"Solertis provides us with unparalleled service and support. They are very professional in everything they do. You can depend on them. They understand the transportation business, the warehouse business, customers and suppliers. Solertis helped us increase our revenue by more than $3.4 million during our 4 year relationship."

Ronnie Dunnican - Lance, Former Director of Logistics