Distribution Center Assessment


One of the world's leading photographic film manufacturers wanted to assess the effectiveness of their Americas distribution center. Solertis was selected to evaluate the operation and identify efficiency, cost and service improvements.

Solertis Response:

  • Analyzed the following areas:
    • Operations - productivity, material flow, accuracy, customer complaints, damage and intrafacility transportation
    • Organizational Structure - staffing levels, staff capabilities and reporting structure
    • Benchmarking and Best Practices - financial and operating procedures and metrics
    • Information Systems - functionality, utilization and reporting
  • Conducted time studies of key operations to evaluate process efficiencies
  • Interviewed management and associates from the distribution center and plant operations, inventory control, customer service, procurement, industrial engineering and human resources to understand the challenges and concerns they face


Recommended improvements to increase efficiency in all aspects of the organization that were analyzed:

  • Operations
    • Delivered a plan to increase productivity by 17% through training, audits and process improvements
    • Suggested additional methods of training, reporting and communicating customer complaints and damage to increase awareness
    • Identified additional technologies to increase accuracy and transportation efficiency
  • Organizational Structure
    • Provided suggestions on potential staffing changes and organizational realignment based on operational analysis and industry research
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices
    • Utilized industry and independent research to validate existing processes and provide recommendations for additional procedures and metrics
  • Information Systems
    • Identified underutilized functionality that could be employed to improve efficiency and service levels
    • Recommended automation for several processes that are currently being performed manually

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