Supply Chain Optimization


A cable television Multiple System Operator (MSO) selected Solertis to analyze their supply chain distribution network to determine if opportunities exist for operational efficiencies, improved inventory management, cost reduction and warehouse consolidation.

Solertis Response:

  • Performed a detailed operational review of their supply chain organization and processes
  • Evaluated key performance metrics against industry benchmarks
  • Reviewed software functionality and identified deficiencies
  • Analyzed inventory management methodologies in the areas of:
    • Min/Max
    • ABC Analysis
    • Issuing & Receiving
    • Cycle Counting
  • Evaluated distribution network to determine opportunities for logistics and warehouse savings


Solertis identified $2.4 M or 65% in inventory reduction opportunities by recommending the development of:

  • Specific operating metrics and goals to effectively manage supply chain performance
  • Appropriate management reports and better utilization of the current inventory system
  • Corrective action plans to prevent future obsolete and surplus inventory
  • Redeployment algorithms to effectively utilize and balance inventory between Operating Systems
  • Improved inventory management methodologies such as Min/Max, ABC Analysis, cycle counting, etc.
  • Approval guidelines and standardized templates for inventory requisitions

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