Collaborative Transportation Network
No-Fee, Direct Collaboration For Nationwide Continuous Moves

You don't have to get on the Internet to reap the benefits of web-based collaborative logistics networks. Solertis' Collaborative Transportation Network (CTN) is a more cost effective, efficient, personal and reliable way to lower your truckload transportation costs and enjoy collaborative relationships with leading companies.

We Make The Collaboration Happen At No Cost To You

Why spend time and money on the new, start-up web-based collaborative logistics networks, when you can participate in a proven, experienced collaborative transportation network for free and without the extra work and uncertainty of web-based collaboration? Unlike web-based networks, we don't charge you a fee to participate in the Solertis' Collaborative Transportation Network, and we don't make you do the work to find a fleet to create continuous moves. You simply call, fax or email us with information about your shipping needs, and we go to work finding a suitable match for you. If we don't find a match, you haven't wasted any money on a fee to participate, and you haven't invested time loading software and inputting information on-line. In fact, while you're waiting for a website to load, we could be speaking with someone whose trailer you could be loading. Once you're in our network, we'll continue to seek matches for you and contact you with collaboration opportunities.

Ten Years Experience Creating Successful Collaborative Transportation Relationships with Small Companies and the Fortune 500.

Collaboration is a popular buzzword in our industry right now, but it's not a new business concept. Solertis pioneered the concept of collaborative logistics networks in 1996, when we formed the Solertis' Collaborative Transportation Network. While other companies are just learning the ins and outs of collaboration, we long ago mastered the art and science of creating successful collaborative transportation relationships, focusing on nationwide repetitive lanes and continuous moves. We work with you personally, by phone, fax and email, delivering the unused backhaul capacity of private and dedicated fleets to meet your shipping needs. When you participate in the Solertis' CTN, you'll be working with leading companies like Kellogg, Campbell's Soup, Lance, Shaw Industries, Sherwin Williams, US Foods and Chep USA.

Save up to 25% on Your Transportation Costs.

Solertis' CTN offers you significant financial and operational benefits vs. web-based networks and traditional brokers. Our experience and very targeted focus creates significant financial and operational benefits for all shippers and fleets involved in the collaboration. The private and dedicated fleets in our network are not subject to the same profitability pressures as common carriers, therefore shippers who use Solertis' CTN report a 15 - 25% savings over common carriers.

Superior On-Time Delivery and Safety Eliminates Constant Tracking.

We carefully screen the quality of our fleets and their service to insure that your shipments are delivered on time, without damage and in a professional manner. The Solertis' CTN has a 97% on-time delivery rate and service levels that eliminate the need for you to be constantly monitoring the status of your shipment. Solertis monitors performance of all parties involved and serves as an objective, resource to meet the service and cost objectives for shippers and fleets. Fleet drivers are generally more experienced than common carrier drivers, so service and safety levels frequently exceed those of common carriers. The fleets in the Solertis' CTN, average a preventable accident rate that is dramatically lower than the industry average.

Direct Communication and Collaboration with Solertis Support.

Unlike brokers and other collaborative exchanges, Solertis creates direct working relationships among the shippers and fleet managers in our CTN. We are unique, in that once we identify a match, all communication, tenders, day-to-day operations are handled directly between the shipper and the fleet. This minimizes delays, improves service levels and builds stronger collaborative relationships. Most importantly even after we've made the introductions, we remain available and at your service to resolve any issues and insure a smooth, timely delivery.

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